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Portable GPS navigation system can guide you through unfamiliar places to find the shortest way to the point where you want to go. You can also quickly find various points of interest , including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, tourist attractions, and more points that are near your current location or in a different area. Already found GPS navigation system useful? Ok , let's talk about how to choose the right GPS unit.

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GPS units are designed for several different types of end use. Some portable handheld GPS units are great for foot-passenger´s use or in car/moto use, another for flight or in marine sector. You should ask yourself, where will be your GPS unit used mainly?

Let's look for a portable GPS device used especially in an automobile sector.

The size should be compact - the smaller the better, although screen size should be not so small. Screen size should be between 3.5" - 6". An acceptable screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels, but a great screen resolution is higher [272 x 480 or more pixels]. The more pixels per inch, the clearer and crisper the resolution.

Avoid black/white display screen units, prefer multicolors screen with backlighting for driving at night. Backlighting should be adjustable. Some units will automatically switch between day and night colors and brightness. That's useful.

Prefer big buttons or touch screen areas that are easy to touch/push during driving.

Interactive help and button description should be useful.

Take care how quickly does the unit refresh the map image or re/calculate* a route. Higher CPU processor's speed = better refreshing.

* Very useful is not only a fast ability to calculate an route, but to compute the best order to visit more destinations in order to be as quick as possible. Somebody calls this feature travelling salesman's puzzle.

WAAS means the unit has the ability to improve the accuracy. Also dead reckoning capability is useful in areas with poor signal, such as downtown.

Is the unit able to show you the current latitude and longitude and compass heading, altitude, the exact time, (the most accurate source of time available to you), such as average, current, and maximum speed, distance traveled, time spent driving (and time spent stopped)?

Prefer GPS unit with not only the ability of voice that tells directions, but also the unit that can pronounce street names. It's helpful and easier to confirm your current location, because you can keep your eyes on the road and don't need to look at the GPS receiver. Don't forget your GPS unit is able to speak your language.

Choose a GPS with a scale on your GPS map display so you can better understand the distance between your current location and your goal's point.

The shorcut "POIs" means the Points of Interest. Prefer the unit with the ability to add as many extra POIs as possible. Also POIs proximity alert could be useful.

The GPS unit shoud be able to switch between kilometeres and miles. This is useful if you travel to Europe or other countries like Canada, where the metric system is integrated.

Can you program preferences for road/route types? Buy a gps where you can set what type of roads/routes you prefer to avoid the ways with payment..

How long does a set of batteries last with a backlighting? Are the batteries rechargeable? If they are rechargeable, are they standard sized batteries you can buy anywhere, or are they unique to this unit?

For loading a map data into the reciever, prefer SD card[or SDHC] unit's support, the most convenient memory format. The best units will be able to have for e.g. all the US and Canada loaded in the unit at the same time.

Prefer the GPS unit with a connector for an external antenna. That's not so necessary by modern SIRF units.

Concerning the weight - the lighter, the better. Especially if you need to travel with GPS in your pocket.

The mounting kit should be easily removable so you can remove it from a car to another car etc..

And it is better if the GPS unit has optionally even more added features such as.. bluetooth, data output for connecting to PC, MP3/MP4 audio/video player func and picture viewer, Integrated radio receiver for real time traffic reporting, and more..

Check prices of the same model by different sellers. Take care you're comparing the same models [Some models look similarly, but they might be different in software and features.]

Check if the price is for the unit alone or for a pack of GPS and some other accesoriess such as fixative kit, charger, external antenna..

Perhaps you need an unit with documentation manuals, mains charger/power supply and car power adapter, with some kind of mounting adapter, upgradeable mapping software, data cable for connecting the GPS unit with PC..

Some units require you to first copy and install data from the included CD/DVD into the units memory like on SD card ,register software prefer units that are ready to go right out of the box.

Don't forget the question of Warranty. The longer, the better of course.

This server provide useful info about gps navigation trends. Thanks for your visit.

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