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Garmin gps navigation system

portable gps navigation

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What is GPS navigation system?

portable gps navigation

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a U.S. navigation satellite system for all over the World. It provides dependable positioning, navigation, and timing services to worldwide users anywhere with open sky view and visible four or more GPS satellites. GPS navigation is composed of 24-32 satellites located in Medium Earth Orbit. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space. GPS receivers use this signals to provide three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) plus precise time.

What is ESA ? What they do ?

ESA, the European Space Agency, is an organisation devoted to science and technology in the space domain. From the year 2008, Europe is building its own satellite navigation system. It's called Galileo. Galileo is the Europe's global navigation satellite system of the future. Galileo will deliver an advanced global civil positioning service for the benefit of citizens in Europe and throughout the world.

A simulation of the original design of the GPS space segment, with 24 GPS satellites (4 satellites in each of 6 orbits), showing the evolution of the number of visible satellites from a fixed point (45oN) on earth (considering visibility as having direct line of sight).

Let's talk about GARMIN a little bit.

Garmin , the company who made the GPS most famous. One of the most popular handheld GPS receivers, the Garmin's compact eTrex series, was introduced in 1998. It was a sensation when it first appeared, as it offered a lightweight waterproof, palm-sized 12channel GPS receiver with a battery life of up to 22 hours on just two AA batteries to everyone.
Company growth:
By 1995 Garmin’s sales had reached $105 million, and had achieved a profit of $23 million. By 1999 sales had reached $233 million and profit of $64 million. By 2000 Garmin had sold three million GPS devices, and was producing 50 different models. Its products were sold in 100 countries and carried by 2,500 independent distributors.
Handheld GPS vs. Street navigators:
In October 2005, Garmin released the StreetPilot i-Series. It was a very compact GPS navigator, some models also with a color display. By 2006 Garmin began shipping the nüvi 660, a pocketsize widescreen successor to their nüvi 300 series. The 660 had much more features such as bluetooth, FM transmitter, enhanced screen brightness and screen size, all in a small "flat" size. Garmin reported a 2006 total revenue of $1.77 billion, up 73 percent from $1.03 billion in 2005. Source

Garmin versus the Others.

A Garmin's competition doesn't sleep. Presently, there are several big companies such as Magellan , Tom Tom , Google and now also not only Nokia who make the GPS more familiar all over the World. Welcome in the World of PDA/GSM/GPS units. Not only Apple’s Iphone, but also BlackBerry, HTC share has grown. Using the open GPS signals is for end-users free of charge. People all over the World love games like Geocaching, where the GPS function is necessary. With GPS you can View live, real-time traffic information [for Ex.:TomTom GO LIVE] or locate the lowest priced fuel on your route and navigate directly to it, offer TomTom. On average 15% of roads change every year. So, be up-to-date and got the latest maps is necesarry. These features such as maps upgrade can be usually not for free. And here comes the NOKIA on the scene.


New :: Nokia, the mobile phone maker based in Finland, give mapping and navigation software away for free now and thereby hit the shares of mapping-device leaders in the navigation software market like Garmin and TomTom. Welcome back Nokia.o) Nokia's punch is going to bring back a good position to compete with Google [Googlemaps]. In December 2008, Google became first, who give away its own mapping software on phones using its Android operating system at no cost to handset makers. (htc, iphone, blackbarry ..) Nokia's announcement support sales of its smartphones. It's a good defensive response to Google and great value for gps users. GPS mapping software has been one of the most popular applications for mobile phones. So a new version of Nokia's Ovi Maps software is now available free to download through :::Nokia's website::: which includes turn-by-turn instructions for 74 countries, with vocal prompts in 46 languages, and maps for an additional 106 countries. Source

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